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Core HR Major Business Functions

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Tue, 16 Jul 2024

Core HR Major Business Functions

In any business, the human resource team plays a key role as this is the main team to hire the correct employee for the correct job. Once a new employee hires into an organization, the HR team needs to take care of a lot of employee-related activities from onboarding to retiring.

Initial functional configurations are taught in Oracle Fusion HCM Training like - Company Structure creation, Jobs, Departments, Positions, and Employee Grades, and so on.

Below are the key functions performed in the Fusion HCM application as part of the Core HR Role.

Potential HR Functions:-

·         Employee Onboarding Process:-

After the employee interview process is completed will provide the offer letter and later we need to onboard into the organization and in the Oracle Fusion HCM Application from there will maintain all the employee information it could be professional information/personal information in our Fusion HCM Core HR Application.

Later on we have to maintain/manage all our employee’s information in the Application and we perform the below activities on regular basis

·         Designation change or Promotion:-

When an employee performing well his project, he/she may get an opportunity to promote it to next level. This is also called a promotion or change in the designation. In such scenarios, Project or Operations team inform to HR team with relevant performance data. Based on this data and project requirement, HR team will promote him/her to the next level. This will improve employee satisfaction and put more efforts in his work allocation.

·         Location or Department Change request:-

If the organization branches exists in multiple locations, the employee would like to switch from one location to another location. In this case, HR team will look at the employee's request and see if they can accommodate in another location based on the department where he works and position availability.

In another scenario where the employee is working in one organization for more than 5 years and working in the Operations domain. Later, the employee upskilled his knowledge by undergoing the specific IT area such as Oracle Functional (SCM / Finance / HCM). In this case, HR team will conduct interview with specific department head and identify the employee potential strength in that particular domain. Before HR team change his department, they will verify his past performance, CDP (Coaching and Development program) results, work culture and helping nature. If he/she meeting specific job requirements, they will change employee department which will be beneficial for both employee and employer. How to perform all these tasks are explained with good examples in Oracle Fusion HCM Online Training.

·         Employee performance and salary increments:-

In every organization, the employer will measure employee performance and increase his/her salary based on the company growth and specific department (Where they work for) revenue. Most of companies called it as either CDP (Coaching and Development Program) or appraisal. Typically, this will be conducted on every year either on January or March. Employee performance will be measured based on the productivity, Quality, client satisfaction etc. Based on the role, these parameters will differ. Based on the employee performance throughout the year (considered Average data) and provide the rating 1 to 5 scale (1 being low and 5 being high). If he/she gets good rating in appraisal such as 4 or 5, they will get good increments either 10% or 15%.

·         Exit or Termination policy:-

If there is an entry, it must have an exit as well. Hence, when a person joined in any organization, he/she will be exit after couple of years or months based on performance and requirements. There are very rare scenarios that employee work in same organization till their retirement period occur. If an employee is not performing well in his/her assigned job roles, HR team will take appropriate action to get expected results. Many companies follow PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) methodology. When employee is not meeting expected results, HR team will put him/her in to PIP and will focus on his performance. Still, if they are not performing well, HR team will terminate this employee. In another scenario, when employee gets better opportunity (Salary or designation), they will need to inform to HR team. Based on the requirement, HR team and specific department will negotiate with the employee to cancel his resignation. If there is no requirement, the employee will have to serve notice period (either two or three months) and resign from his position in the current company. 

To maintain all the Core HR activities, organizations must have an integrated application which can be accessed anywhere with the help of Internet. Oracle has introduced Fusion HCM (Human Capital Management) application in 2011. This is a cloud application where we can access it anywhere by using internet. Fusion HCM application has lot of advantages for Organizations to generate and view all employee-related activities. It is built with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning methodology to predict employee performance based on his past experience and provide meaning full insights of the data.

When any organization wish to use Oracle Fusion HCM software, they have to initially implement Oracle Fusion Core HR modules. This is where HR team can load all employee primary details such as the Employee’s Past experience, Education details, Personal details such as Gender, Date of Birth, Marital status, Current location etc. Once these details are loaded in to the application, HR team will complete the Onboarding process. Hence, Fusion Core HR Activities are very important. It comprises employee benefits, position, job level, organization chart etc.

Anyone who has completed Graduation can start learning this Oracle Fusion HCM. It does not require Coding knowledge as it is related to Application that is already built by Oracle. After we completed this training, we will be working as implementation consultants where we need to gather organization requirements and load them into the oracle Fusion HCM application. There are a lot of organizations that are using the Oracle Fusion HCM application to manage and store employee-related activities. Hence, students who have completed Oracle Fusion HCM Online Training will land jobs within a short period of time.

At Tech leads IT, we will teach Oracle Fusion HCM Training each and every topic theoretically and application based as we are exists in the market for more than 10 years. We have experienced trainers who have completed more than a dozen implementation projects with 15 years of experience. Once a student enrolled in this training program, he/she will have the below advantages. 

  1. Daily classes will be recorded and uploaded into the learning portal where we can access it in mobile and computer   
  2. Instance Access
  3. Material shared in the Google Drive folder 
  4. Will be adding to a WhatsApp group where students and working professionals post questions later trainer will provide resolutions
  5. Trainer will conduct mock interviews and provide constructive feedback
  6. From the date of the enrollment, we can attend multiple batches within a year


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