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Oracle Fusion Financials Training & Certification –All You Need To Know

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Tue, 16 Jul 2024

Oracle Fusion Financials Training & Certification –All You Need To Know

Overview of Oracle Fusion Financials:

Oracle Fusion financials is the leading cloud-based service that endeavors automated financial management intended to automate and control the financial flow from an end to end management costs for not only mid-sized organizations but enterprise-level customers as well. To simplify a company’s financial decisions and increase effortless productivity, Oracle Fusion Financials allows users with a broad range of suites to abide by general ledger, accounts payable & receivable management, fixed assets, expenses, and cash management as well as centralized accounting, tax payment, and intercompany engines.

Key Features:

Here are the key features of oracle fusion financials:

Multi-dimensional reporting: a database that generates financial statement reports that can retrieve through excel sheets

Role-based dashboards: helps in combining the user navigational functionalities into one that reduces the clicks a user has to do for a task

Extensive spreadsheet integration: supports excel sheets which can create customer/user receipts in different modules such as general ledger & banking setups.

Embedded Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI): this is an internal reporting tool that guides user decisions like financial management including receivables, payables, etc.

● Infolets and Infotiles: mini dashboards that provide detailed information regarding the customized flow & can be hidden or enabled according to the user preference.

Imaging integration for Payables: Oracle provides a technology that converts a finance report or an invoice based on an image. A document with extensions of JPEG, PDF

Benefits of Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle provides the financial cloud with various potential business benefits such as the application being Economical which says low maintenance, Flexibility to change with new industry conditions, drastic reduction in errors, maximum security pairing, and guaranteed up-to-date testing scenarios.

Who should go for the Oracle Fusion Financials Training?

Anyone fresher graduate or a candidate from a finance background with graduation eligibility can go for the cloud-based Oracle fusion financial training but most preferably & useful for the students, already working employees who are seeking a better career - growth opportunity like Chartered Accountant, MBA in finance, ICWA,, banking & finance management, etc. will have fab opportunities in your hands. Scroll down to the best career opportunities for Oracle Fusion Financials training.

Career Opportunities for Oracle Fusion Financials:

Just a word ‘Lots of’. A technology with a never-ending requirement will have to search for more manpower for the mid-level to top-tier companies. One of such technologies is Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud. Getting trained with this irreplaceable application will have a load of opportunities with the top MNCs like IBM, Accenture, Microsoft, Oracle, TCS, HP & Cognizant etc., are the much-awaiting companies to give the opportunities & with better packages to grow your careers in the financial sector.

How to learn oracle fusion finance?

Learning something related to technology with extensive support from a particular module or an institution is much more important, especially for a financial management cloud like Oracle Fusion.

The IT world is growing on its extreme levels whereas emerging & new technologies are being introduced on a daily basis. Having the awareness or learning about these core technologies is as important as the other cloud applications. But, here the question is where to get to know all the information/training? In brief, we suggest you get all the answers to your questions at one place “Tech Leads IT”

Tech Leads IT provides you with the necessary training that will make you get ready with their real-time examples. Here is a quick establishment about Tech Leads IT’s Oracle Fusion Financials Online training.

Oracle Fusion Financials Certification & Course Completion Certificate

After completion of the course, we will issue a course completion certificate from our learning portal which be downloaded and used while applying for the jobs.

You can also appear for Oracle certification for each module under the fusion financials suite but all the modules certification is not required, you can chose which module you are good at and complete 1 or 2 module certifications for major modules like General Ledger, and Accounts payables & Account receivables.

Oracle Fusion Certification Validity Period?

Every year in the month of June Oracle is releasing new exam codes for every module, each certification that you are holding is valid for 18 months hence for every 18 months you should appear for new certifications released by Oracle.

Every new exam contains questions related to the latest features and changes released by Oracle in recent times hence Oracle is enforcing every employee should upgrade their skill set on the product.

It is always suggested to learn the new features released by Oracle to be familiar with the changes in the product in terms of bug fixing, new functionalities, and changes in the existing application behavior.

In the emerging world of the business, each individual should be ready to face any sort of requirements to align applications to the utmost client satisfaction which needs adoption to the latest application capabilities.

Oracle Fusion Certification is really important to complete?

Yes, it is quite important to hold certification and completing new certifications released by Oracle. Oracle Fusion Certification definitely provides weighted to the profile, showcasing your ability while applying for a job. Oracle mandated every company to hold certified resources across all the modules.

Why Choose Tech Leads IT for Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Tech Leads IT is having a structured algorithm for providing essential training with a detailed flow of the oracle financial cloud. The foremost reason to choose Tech Lead IT is the precise curriculum for day-to-day operations involved in the Oracle Fusion Financial Training. They cover everything from financial management to expenses management, Financial reporting, Tax Management, etc., by the oracle-certified trainer.

Tech Leads IT also provides 100% placement assistance to all level employees including freshers. They have sophisticated tie-ups with tier 3 companies where you can acquire a handful of job opportunities of your choice


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