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Oracle Fusion Order Management Setup Interview Questions

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Tue, 16 Jul 2024

Oracle Fusion Order Management Setup Interview Questions

1.       What are the mandatory setups for picking?

a)      Release sequence rule

b)      Pickslip grouping rule

c)       Staging subinventory

d)      Release rule

e)      Pickslip Job set

f)       Picking rule (optional)

g)      Document Sequencing

h)      Shipping Parameters


2.       What are the mandatory setups for shipping?

a)      Shipping Document Set

b)      Ship confirm job set rules (optional)

c)       Ship methods

d)      Document Sequencing

e)      Ship confirm rule

f)       Shipping Parameters

g)      Payment Terms (optional)

h)      Freight Terms (optional)


3.       What are the setups for Order Management?

a)      Release sequence rule

b)      Pickslip grouping rule

c)       Staging subinventory

d)      Release rule

e)      Pickslip Job set

f)       Picking rule (optional)

g)      Document Sequencing

h)      Shipping Parameters

i)        Shipping Document Set

j)        Ship confirm job set rules (optional)

k)      Ship methods

l)        Ship confirm rule

m)    Payment Terms (optional)

n)      Freight Terms (optional)

o)      Order Management Parameters

p)      Sales order approvals

q)      Credit check

r)       Transformation rule (pre/post)

s)       Processing constraints

t)       Jeopardy

u)      Pricing setups

v)      GOP Setups

w)    DOO (if required any custom orchestrations)

x)      Supply chain orchestration setups (for dropship orders)

y)      Holds

z)       Sales Person

aa)   Layouts (sales order, BOL, Packslip & Commercial Invoice)


4.       What are the setups to enable credit check functionality?

a)      Profile class

b)      Assign profile class to customer

c)       Enable credit check in the order management parameters


5.       What are the setups required to enable order type based functionality?

a)      Create Order Type in the lookup

b)      Make order type mandatory using page composer sandbox

c)       Calling the orchestration based on order type, using orchestration process assignment rules

d)      Configure pricing based order type, using service mappings, matrix class & pricing strategy assignment screens


6.       What approval hierarchies are available for sales order approvals?

a)      Employee/supervisor hierarchy

b)      Job level hierarchy

c)       Approval group

d)      Single approver


7.       Serial/Parallel approvals are available for sales order?

Ans: Yes


8.       How to default values into the sales order?

Ans: Pre-transformation rules


9.       How to restrict user actions in the sales order?

Ans: Processing constraints


10.   Which setup generates the sales order number?

Ans: Manage Document Sequence task used to mention sales order numbers


11.   Which setup generates the orchestration number?

Ans: No setup, automatically generated.


12.   Please explain important functionalities controlled from shipping parameters?

Ans: Shipping parameters are required to perform shipping from the inventory organization

We are attaching couple of setups here

a)      Document Sequencing

b)      Release Sequence Rule

c)       Pickslip Grouping Rule

d)      Ship Confirm Rule

e)      Stage SI


Some functionalities controlled

a)      Enforce shipping method

b)      Enforce packing

c)       Defer Inventory updates

d)      Enable Quickship

e)      Default UOM for the shipment

f)       Shipment Grouping Attributes


13.   For implementing order management module for new Business unit what specific setups has to be done?

a)      Order Management Parameters (Item validation org, credit check, sales order approvals)

b)      Add/Enable that BU inventory organization under source system (OPS)

c)       Pricing setups specific to that BU


14.   For implementing order management module for new Shipping Organization what specific setups has to be done?

a)      Staging subinventory

b)      Release rule

c)       Picking rule (if assignment is organization)

d)      Shipping Parameters

e)      Ship confirm job set rules (optional)

f)       Ship methods

g)      Add/Enable that inventory organization under source system

h)      GOP Setups (Sourcing rule, ATP Rule)


15.   What are the standard reports available in the Order Management module?

Ans: No, Order Management infolets are provided and using OTBI subject areas can built the reports easily.


16.   What subject areas are available in Order Management?


a)      Order Management - Order Headers Real Time

b)      Order Management - Order Lines Real Time

c)       Order Management - Fulfillment Lines Real Time

d)      Order Management - Price Adjustments Real Time

e)      Order Management - Order Holds Real Time


17.   What are the sales order/order management tables?


Order Management Tables:


Shipping Tables:


Pricing Tables


18.   How to release sales orders in bulk?

Ans: Release rule


19.   What is meant by staging subinventory?

Ans: After picking material transferred form source subinventory to staging subinventory which means the material available in the staging subinventory is ready for shipping.


20.   What are the predefined orchestrations?


DOO_OrderFulfillmentGenericProcess: Standard Sales Order, Dropship Sales Order, Back to Back Sales Order,Bill Only, Ship Only


ShipOrderGenericProcess: Normal Sales Order - Ship & Bill


DOO_BillOnlyGenericProcess: Bill Only


DOO_InventoryOrchestration: Deducting onhand without performing picking & Shipping


ReturnOrderGenericProcess: Receiving the damaged product from the customer and creating credit memo to return payment.


21.   What is the jeopardy in the order management?

Ans: Jeopardy is Risk, automatically order management identifies orders that are in Risk due to fulfillment delay/shipment delay based on Jeopardy threshold setup.


22.   What are the order management infolets?


a)      Orders past due

b)      Orders Jeopardy

c)       Fulfillment lines in jeopardy

d)      Orders are in hold

e)      Orders are error

f)       Orders on backorder

g)      Draft orders in error


23.   Explain some profile options in order management?


a)      Enable Credit Card in OM

b)      Default Currency Conversion Type

c)       Retain Sales Order Number For Orchestration Order Number

d)      Log enable profile options

e)      Use Global Order Promising to Recalculate Dates in Order Management:

                If you enable this option, and if dates change in procurement, manufacturing, or inventory, then use GOP to calculate dates on sales orders in drop ship or back-to-back flows.


24.   Explain some order management lookups?

Ans: Order type, Return order, Freight terms, Hold reasons, Service level, Mode of transport, pricing lookups, Discount Reasons & Cancellation Reason.

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