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Oracle Fusion SCM Tutorial for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Tue, 16 Jul 2024

Oracle Fusion SCM Tutorial for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to learn Oracle Fusion SCM? This comprehensive tutorial is perfect for beginners, providing valuable insights and expert guidance for mastering Oracle Fusion SCM.


You might be overwhelmed by the complex software if you're new to Oracle Fusion SCM. Do not worry! Learn the fundamentals of Oracle Fusion SCM, its features, and how to use it. Let's begin this adventure to understand more about Oracle Fusion SCM.

What is Oracle Fusion SCM?

Oracle Fusion SCM is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications designed to manage an organization's end-to-end supply chain operations. It offers a unified and integrated solution for businesses to streamline their supply chain processes, including procurement, inventory management, order fulfilment, warehouse management, and transportation.

Why choose Oracle Fusion SCM?

Oracle Fusion SCM is a top-notch supply chain solution because of several factors:

✓ Seamless integration: 

Oracle Fusion SCM provides seamless integration between various modules. This ensures a fluid flow of information and collaboration among different departments.

 Real-Time Insights:

 Businesses can get valuable insight into supply chain processes by using real-time analytics and data. This allows them to optimize their operations and identify areas for improvement.

 User-Friendly Interface: 

Oracle Fusion SCM's user-friendly GUI makes it simple for new users to learn the system. Scalability Oracle Fusion SCM is scalable to your growing organization's needs.

 Innovations Continue: 

Oracle continuously introduces innovations and updates to improve the SCM Suite's functionality. This ensures that the users are always ahead of the game.

Key Features of Oracle Fusion SCM

Explore some key features of Oracle Fusion SCM, a powerful supply chain management tool:

 Inventory Management

Oracle Fusion SCM offers robust inventory management features that allow businesses to manage and optimize inventory levels. It provides real-time inventory visibility across locations to help organizations avoid overstocking and stock-out situations.

 Order Management

A smooth supply chain is dependent on efficient order management. Oracle Fusion SCM allows businesses to process orders, from order capture to fulfillment, seamlessly. The software supports different order types, such as purchase orders, sales orders, and transfer orders.


Oracle Fusion SCM simplifies the entire procurement process from request to payment. This system automates the supplier qualification process, sourcing, and purchasing. It helps organizations to reduce costs while improving supplier relations.

 Product Information Management (PIM).

Product Information Management (PIM) allows companies to efficiently manage and centralize product information. PIM will enable organizations to ensure accurate product data is accessible across all channels.

 Planning Supply Chain

The Oracle Fusion SCM supply chain module, allows demand forecasting, planning, and production schedules. Businesses can improve lead times by optimizing their processes.


Oracle Fusion SCM provides comprehensive capabilities for businesses that are involved in manufacturing. Oracle Fusion SCM supports a variety of manufacturing processes, including discrete manufacturing, repetitive manufacturing, and job shop manufacturing.


Oracle Fusion SCM simplifies logistics management by optimizing transportation, tracking shipments, and managing warehouses. This ensures timely delivery and efficiency.

 Analysis and Reporting

Oracle Fusion SCM offers powerful analytical and reporting aspects that allow users to get a deeper understanding of the performance of their supply chains. Dashboards and reports that can be customized empower organizations to make data-driven decisions.

Understanding the basics of Oracle Fusion SCM

Now that we've explored the key features of Oracle Fusion SCM training, let's dive into a step-by-step tutorial for beginners:

 Signing Up for Oracle Cloud Account

Sign up for an Oracle Cloud Account before using Oracle Fusion SCM. Follow the instructions on the Oracle Cloud official website to register. You can use the trial as a novice to learn more about the platform.

 Accessing Oracle Fusion SCM

Log in to Oracle Cloud Console once you've created an Oracle Cloud account. Select Oracle Fusion SCM from the Applications menu to access the SCM suite.

 Navigation of the user interface

When you first access Oracle Fusion SCM, take some time to become familiar with the interface. Discover the different modules, options, and menus available. Beginners will enjoy the intuitive interface.

 Setting Up Your Organization

You need to gather information about your company before you can dive into SCM. You must define business units, legal entities, and many other details.

 Managing Inventory

You will learn how to manage your inventory, make stock transfers and track the stock level using inventory reports.

 Processing Sales Orders

Create and manage sales orders to learn about the process of order-to-cash. Learn how to manage order fulfillment and track order status.

 Procurement and Supplier management

From creating purchase requests to approval of purchase orders, learn the entire procurement process. Learn about supplier qualification and management.

 Product Information Management

Understand the importance of centralized product information and learn how to manage product data using Oracle Fusion SCM's PIM module.

 Demand forecasting and supply planning

Discover supply chain planning features, such as demand forecasting and supply planning.

 Production Processes

Learn how Oracle Fusion SCM can be used by organizations that are involved in manufacturing to manage and set up different manufacturing processes.

 Logistics and Warehouse Management

Optimize your transportation and manage your warehouses effectively with a mastery of logistics management.

 Reporting and analytics

Oracle Fusion SCM has powerful reporting and analytical tools. Customize reports and dashboards for monitoring supply chain performance.

Conclusion and next steps for beginners in Oracle Fusion SCM

 In conclusion, for beginners in Oracle Fusion SCM, it is important to focus on learning the basics of the software and its modules. It is important to understand the basics of the supply chain and how Oracle Fusion SCM applies them.

This can be achieved by training courses, attending workshops, and practicing in a simulated environment. Familiarizing oneself with the user interface, navigation, and data entry in Oracle Fusion SCM will be beneficial in the long run.

Once the basics have been mastered, exploring the advanced features of Oracle Fusion SCM is recommended. This includes learning about the various integrations with other modules, such as financials, procurement, and inventory management. 

Understanding the analytical and reporting features will help users make better decisions and enhance their supply chain process. Oracle Fusion SCM users will benefit from continuous learning and staying up to date with all the new updates and improvements.



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