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Oracle SCM Cloud – A Game Changer for Supply Chain Operations

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Tue, 16 Jul 2024

Oracle SCM Cloud – A Game Changer for Supply Chain Operations

 To stay ahead of the competition, vendors and big businesses are sprinting to integrate the best technologies into their approaches. As the speed of business betterment, manufacturing rules are also dynamically changing. New constraints, fluctuating needs, increased buyer expectations, and shorter product life cycles are stretching the limits of the supply chain management (SCM) process. With Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM), seamlessly connect your supply chain to create a resilient network and process built to outpace change and with their associations can respond quickly to changing demand, supply, and market conditions.

Any troubles that arise in fulfilling the business needs, oracle supply chain management can detect, analyze, and resolve supply chain disruptions within your enterprise and with your critical traders. These automated methodologies make your entire supply chain more efficient and responsive. Accomplish multi-tier supply chain visibility across your network. This builds a common platform for the engaging trading partners to collaborate on order forecasts, analyze performance and identify exceptions, sync the data across multiple B2B channels, enable manageable inventory by the vendors, and accessible for making a contract with the manufacturers.

Here are some attributes and abilities of Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Agile Operations - Oracle is a cloud-based ERP model that supports decisions driven by reliability and quick adaptability. It also deploys new services and capabilities to meet business requirements.

● Advanced Security - Oracle has formal requirements for its suppliers to confirm they protect the Oracle and third-party data entrusted to them. The Supplier Information and Physical Security Standards detail the security controls that Oracle’s supplier’s information when accessing Oracle customers’ facilities, networks, and/or their information systems, when handling Oracle confidential information, and Oracle hardware assets are positioned in their control.

● Financial Efficiency - Provides conceptual insights to improve your business outcomes as well as accelerate and automate processes. With a more precise market forecast, associations can reduce overhead costs. The Oracle SCM cloud allows access to highly coordinated tools that helps to decrease the amount of money spent on IT and create more efficient supply chains.

● Enhanced Connectivity - Oracle SCM is of capable Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and Global Trade Management. This will maximize order fulfillment and minimize logistics costs while adapting to business disruptions and changes in your supply chain.

● Efficient Planning - With Oracle cloud technology, data sets can be managed easily. This cloud also ensures not to the loss of any sort of trails of the inventory levels. Cloud plays an integral role in the Supply Chain process to track a product as it moves through its product lifecycle, and almost communicates with others in the supply chain.

● Swift Integration - The Oracle SCM cloud services on the cloud are designed to work faster and easier when compared to conventional IT solutions. Oracle SCM provides services for those who require a huge setup or significant modifications to other factors of a business creating secondary costs that drive away customers’ satisfaction.

● Scalable Abilities - The Oracle SCM can quickly adapt to the In order to accomplish customer requirements, it is always important to have an easily scalable technology. Since the cloud operates on a flexible network, storage, and capacity, it can quickly adapt to the unstable conditions of customer demands and market conditions accordingly.

Oracle SCM cloud helps businesses take benefit of these advantages with the roll-out of the proper Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Solution, through integrating your existing enterprise software with Oracle cloud products or making a complete shift to the cloud uptaking strategy. This helps your company can fast track all the agile methodologies, insights-driven, and modern supply chains with Oracle SCM Cloud at its core. Revise your transformation with custom models for automated implementation, and proven solutions to manage the evolution.

There are many companies who are successful in using Oracle SCM cloud that got a lot of operational benefits from reducing costs to acquiring a lot of revenue. For Example, many United States of America-based companies like AT&T Inc., with approximately $169.00 billion in revenue, and many Professional services and Transportation Services like Facebook with $85.97 million in revenue, and FedEx Corporation with $83.96 million in revenue, in other sectors Manufacturing services, Retail organizations like Albertsons with $72.00 billion in revenue.

Career Opportunities in Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Any graduate (B.Tech, B.Com, MBA, MCA, etc.) can hold a career in Supply Chain Management, and here are a few of them:

1. Purchasing agent

2. Operations Manager

3. Logistics analyst

4. Purchasing manager

5. Supply chain manager

6. Logistician

7. Storage and distribution manager

8. Logistics manager

9. Production, planning, and expediting clerk

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