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What is Oracle Fusion HCM (Human Capital Management Cloud) ?

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Tue, 16 Jul 2024

What is Oracle Fusion HCM (Human Capital Management Cloud) ?

Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management, a cloud-based software suite that allows HR to provide end-to-end solutions for managing every stage of an employee's life cycle, is available from hiring, onboarding, and promotions. Oracle HCM Cloud implementation allows enterprises to make smarter, faster, and more strategic business decisions. This ensures a consistent experience across devices and enables one source for truth for HR data to improve decision making. It also empowers you to use market-leading innovation to meet your current and future needs.

What's the future for Oracle Fusion HCM cloud in the future?

Oracle's brand weight results in customer attraction and long-term viability.

Oracle Fusion HCM expands customer options by featuring more options for HR deployment. This allows customers to choose the best model that suits their business objectives.

HCM Cloud is a powerful ERP solution to the employee lifecycle management. This allows you to maximize the potential of your employees and your business.

Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud is high on expectations and has a bright future.

The Human Capital Management Cloud offers many benefits

1. Manage Top Talent in Competitive Environment

Today, businesses are focused on retaining and recruiting top talent. HR must ensure that it gathers and publishes data that will help in managing talent and answering organizational needs.

Oracle cloud-based HCM can be used to engage employees, track/set their expertise, certifications and interests, as well as automate report conversion. Cloud-based solutions allow HR departments to boost real-time hiring and evaluate internal talent in line with business priorities.

2. Navigate Change in HR Responsibilities

HR professionals must be better at delivering data, be more strategic decisions, and add business value. These tasks are often difficult to complete in a timely manner and in a cost-effective way. Cloud-based HCM systems allow HR to perform daily tasks such as processing time-off requests, awarding promotions and facilitating management efforts.

The role of HR in strategic business decisions is becoming more important. Oracle HCM provides powerful business intelligence and can quickly answer any questions that managers may have.

3. Cost Benefits

Cloud-based applications can bring significant cost savings to your business. Oracle cloud HCM systems offer greater flexibility, scalability and efficiency than any on-premise solution. Major upgrades can be costly and complicated for traditional HR systems.

This can frustrate both executive sponsors and end users. Cloud-based systems simplify IT for your company, as you only pay what the business needs. HR departments can reduce their dependence on IT departments.

4. Increase HR output

Oracle HCM cloud solutions offer a platform to migrate BI tools and provide self-service options that lower labor costs. This has the overall effect that HR can deliver more value to the business.

Easily Scalable

The database can be used by organizations to meet their current needs. They also have the ability to expand it as their business grows.

Less Maintenance

The IT department can be less dependent on HR departments. Reduced dependence allows IT staff to concentrate on more important problems. This frees up time for HR personnel to provide their services uninterrupted with the tools they require.

Oracle HCM offers tools that enhance international recruitment processes with deep analytics. It allows seamless talent sourcing, where HR can use data to quickly and efficiently attract the best talent.

Oracle HCM Cloud Features and Functions

The full capability report allows us to examine feature-by-feature Oracle HCM Cloud coverage across six modules. Modules that contain a total 1,430 functions and features. Let's see how Oracle compares with the market average for each of these modules.

Acquisition of talent

Oracle HCM Cloud covers 92% Talent acquisition functions. This is a remarkable feat considering other HCM software covers average 74% characteristics for this module. It results in an obvious advantage for Oracle HCM Cloud.

Core HR

Oracle HCM Cloud in Core HR covers 93% features and functions. Oracle software has a slight, but noticeable advantage over other software solutions that offer 84% of the characteristics in this module. Oracle HCM Cloud is an option for Core HR modules. It is however not the most efficient. This module is covered 100% by the top competitor.

Talent Management

Oracle HCM Cloud supports 90% Talent Management attributes. The Oracle solution is significantly ahead of the rest in this area.

Workforce Management

Oracle HCM Cloud provides 88% coverage for Workforce Management functions and features. This coverage is exceptional and significantly exceeds the 72% average of its competitors.

Employee self-service

Oracle HCM Cloud supports 97% functions in this module. This is a remarkable feat considering that other HCM solutions only cover 83% of employee self-service functions. It also gives Oracle software a significant advantage.

Product Technology

Oracle HCM Cloud covers 82% Product Technology characteristics. The Oracle software has an obvious advantage, as other HCM software suites have an average of 63% of the functions and features.

HCM Cloud Career

Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM), a cloud-based platform, provides a complete solution to manage employee data, from their entry into an organization to their exit. HCM helps managers and top executives make informed decisions about employee performance, promotion, increments and succession planning. The platform includes an HR suite, talent management and workforce management as well as payroll management. The HCM platform allows HR to organize and collate talent profiles. You can also assign employees development goals. Modules in the talent management suite cover learning, performance management and succession planning. HR can keep track of attendance and leave times using the workforce management suite. It includes modules that can be used to plan the workforce and ensure safety and health.

Oracle Fusion HCM certification will give you an edge when applying for HRD jobs. This software is great for your career advancement if you are already employed in this department. This software can be used to enhance your work performance and enable you to maximize its potential. This software platform will be easier to manage if you have the confidence and knowledge.

Online training in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud is available for both graduates and professionals. This training will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to use Oracle Fusion technology. For those looking to advance their careers in HRD, the Oracle Fusion HCM training program is a great option.

Why Tech Leads IT is the best choice to learn HCM Cloud?

Tech Leads Oracle HCM Cloud Training course and Fusion HCM Course are designed to teach you how to use the basic learning tasks within Oracle HCM Cloud.

Oracle HCM cloud training equips you with the knowledge that will give you an advantage over your peers. This course covers the basics of Oracle HCM such as functional setup manager, geographies, Enterprise HCM and position synchronization. It also includes legal address and grade rates. The Oracle Fusion HCM training provides a practical understanding of absence plans, rate elements and donation plans. It also includes industry-based scenarios and real-world projects.

These will be combined with the ability to manage HR administrative functions such as payroll, compensation, time and labor. To become a successful Oracle HCM consultant, enroll in our Oracle Fusion HCM Online Training.



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