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Raj Sumesh

Meet Raj Sumesh, your dedicated expert in human capital management (HCM) with over 20 years of experience. Raj has consistently been a guiding force, shaping professionals through the intricacies of optimising Human Capital Management.



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Oracle-Certified Luminary: 

Raj is not just an expert; he's an Oracle-certified luminary. His credentials include being an Oracle University instructor and a certified Oracle trainer, reflecting his depth of knowledge in the field of HCM.

Extensive Fusion HCM Mastery:

Raj's expertise shines through his completion of 53 batches in Oracle Fusion HCM, showcasing a remarkable proficiency in the latest technologies and practices within Human Capital Management.

Mentor to Thousands:

With a commitment to education, Raj has trained over 17,000 students, spanning from freshers to seasoned professionals. His guidance empowers individuals to upgrade their skills, enabling them to reach their career goals confidently.

Versatile Training Approach:

Equipped with hands-on expertise, Raj seamlessly delivers training across Corporate, Online, and Classroom settings. His adaptability ensures that learners from diverse backgrounds receive tailored and practical learning experiences.

Active Oracle Community Contributor:

Beyond training, Raj actively contributes to the Oracle community as a helper, offering insights and support to fellow enthusiasts. His engagement underscores his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry development.

Choose Raj Sumesh as your mentor in HCM, and embark on a transformative journey where expertise meets excellence and career aspirations become achievable realities.



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