Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

All the Online/Videos courses purchased have validity and a subscription period. After the service period automatically access gets revoked.
Ordering Services: Courses we are offering can be purchased either from the website or by reaching our customer care and please read the information we share before buying the course.

Fee can be paid either fully/partially depends on the course that you’re buying and make sure, you receive payment acknowledgment from Tech Leads IT.


The access provided to you shouldn’t be sharing with others and if the company identifies you are breaching and sharing the information with customers, Tech Leads IT has all the rights to revoke access without any intimation.

In case of failure to make dues, access to Online Training/Videos access gets terminated.
After completion of the service period automatically Tech Leads IT revoke your access.
If we found your access information shared with others and Tech Leads IT may take the decision to terminate your access.

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